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Your source for all your maintenance,
packaging and cleaning needs!
(514) 858 - 7777
FROM 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Address : 4001, boulevard Industriel, Laval, QC H7L 4S3
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Feb 4, 2009  -  Company Overview

Gilco Products Inc. is a Canadian based company established in the province of Quebec for more than 25 years. We are situated in the Industrial sector of Laval, in proximity to the major autoroutes. We are manufacturers and master distributors of cleaning, maintenance and packaging products, equipment & accessories.

We manufacture soaps, detergents, floor care products, disinfectants and several other cleaning products that cover the entire range of specialized maintenance jobs; for your warehouse, small-to-large business, store or clinic. Our products are developed in-house in our own laboratory, which strives to constantly ameliorate our existing line of products, as well as driving the development of our new products towards innovative and ecological solutions.

Also, we manufacture garbage bags, bags for recycling, stock size bags and any custom size bags; available in any thickness, printed or non-printed. Many stock sizes available in inventory. We are master distributors of all paper products, cleaning accessories & equipment, as well as a vast range of packaging products (pallet wrap, tape, boxes, strapping, etc...).

We distribute brand name products such as: 3-M, White, Rubber-Maid, Continental, Kimberley Clark, White-Swan, Sel Windsor, Fibracan, Polar, Noma, Sylvania Mat-Tech, Sanitaire and several others.

Our extensive line of products enables us to satisfy all your needs, whether it be for domestic production, building maintenance, packaging products, disposable products for cafeteria, swimming pool upkeep, lighting, thawing of ice, carpets for winter (welcome mats), and much much more.

Our products offer a fine balance between quality and price, and our company is set on providing an excellent service. Also, we have our own trucks on the road for delivery anywhere in the Greater Montreal area, which allows us to be very flexible with our delivery scheduling. .

It would be our pleasure to answer all additional questions about our product lines, and we remain available for any requests you may have or any needs that your company encounters. Samples of all our products are also available upon request, as well as preparation of a personalized quote toregroup all your products for your maintenance & packaging needs..

Our in-house customer service agents are available to you for all demands and requests . And we have representatives on the road should you desire a more personal encounter.

The Administration

Gilco Products Inc.

May 1, 2013  -  Environmental Consciousness
Politics & Philosophy of the Company
Gilco minimizes the materials consumed and maximizes on materials recovered and recycled.
● We use electronic documentation and e-mails to reduce paper consumption.
● We suggest product alternatives that are ecological or concentrated to reduce your environmental impact.
● Warehouse: efforts to reduce electrical and water consumption of the building and production equipment.
● We recycle on average 60% of our scraps (plastic, paper/carton, metals and other residual materials).
● Internal procedures for the tretament of dangerous materials, product/ingredient storage, maintenance of facility and production equipment, and the recovery and disposal of residual materials.
We want to assure the safety and security of our employees, our clients and the environment.
Manufacturing & Development of our Products
● Our products are developed in our own laboratory, development towards environmental solutions..
● Formulas have been revised to replace toxic ingredients with ecological or degradable alternatives.
● Eliminated the use of phosphates, and the majority of our products are classed biodegradable..
● We manufacture products that are more concentrated and packaged advantageously.
● Garbage bags manufactured using material composed of 50% recycled material/50% virgin material (added resistance)
● Our bags are on average 10-15% thicker than the standard of the industry.
● Available in oxo-biodegradable material as well as other ecological alternatives.
Distribution Products
● Gilco distributes efficient, non-polluting products of high quality.
● Deal mainly with local suppliers and avoid selling importations from China to encourage industry in Quebec.
● We buy in large quantities to minimize transport frequency.
At the Gilco Group, the environement and our impact on mother nature are a priority in every aspect of our business.
Sep 5, 2007  -  Cash & Carry
Gilco is proud to announce the opening of its CASH and CARRY counter. Open to the Public!
Dec 13, 2011  -  The GILCO Advantages...

(1) Manufacture our Own Products

Manufacturers of high performance/high efficiency maintenance products, for commercial or institutional use. Our products are manufactured in highly concentrated dosages and contain high levels of active ingredients. For every production, a sample is analysed in our laboratory before being bottled and/or packaged. This allows us to guarantee the quality and performance of our entire product line. This assures us and reassures you, the customer, at the same time!! 


(2) Large Scale Distribution & Range of Products

We are master distributors of all paper products, plastic/garbage bags, cleaning accessories, maintenance equipment & machinery, and a vast range of packaging products. Our vast range of products will satisfy all your needs for domestic production, building maintenance, packaging products, disposable products for cafeteria, swimming pool maintenance, lighting, thawing of ice, carpets for winter (welcome mats), and much more.

All our members and clients are given access to all our complete product lines (more than 5000 products, catalogues available). Our products offer a fine balance between quality and price, and in most cases we offer equivalent products at varying levels of quality and price (brand name vs. no name) depending on the usage or your preferences.. Also, for many of our product lines we can offer environmentally friendly equivalents when they are available (ex. plastic bags, cafeteria products, packaging film, mops, cleaning accessories, etc...).


(3) Website & Electronic Support

Our web site facilitates product searches, allows you to automatically request pricing and provides technical support through electronic means. Visit our site where you can: instantly find the products you are looking for, view our electronic catalogue, access Technical Data sheets and Material Safety sheets, and view your personalized price list that will grow as your demands grow!

We are ONE source capable of replacing at least 3 of your present suppliers!!

At Groupe Gilco, we put the emphasis on customer service and technical support, cause in the maintenance business nothing is more important than maintaining your customers. And thanks to our 28 years of experience in this industry, we have adapted our work methods to better accomodate the needs and particular demands of our clients.

(4) Customer Service & Technical Support

We already have the staff in place to offer your company a personalized support.
Our receptionist assures that all incoming calls are answered, and each staff member is equipped with voicemail and e-mail addresses to communicate all messages and demands. Our six customer service agents at the order desk will ALL be familiar with your account and any of them will be ready to answer all your questions or requests, guaranteeing you the best service possible. We have in place management software capable of managing your orders, our inventory and providing real time updates.


(5) Demonstrations & Trainings

Our trained employees will come to your locals to explain and demonstrate our extensive lines of products and equipment, and train your personnel for their use.


(6) Warehouse & Deliveries

We are situated in the Industrial sector of Laval, in proximity to the major autoroutes.
We occupy our own building, and we have 70,000 sqft² of manufacturing and warehousing space and 10,000 sqft² for the offices and the laboratory. We have four of our own trucks on the road for delivery anywhere in the Greater Montreal area, and we are very flexible on delivery delays and requirements. We do not enforce high minimums for ordering specialized products or for free delivery. In most cases, a minimum order guarantees your free delivery, anywhere in the Montreal Area, within a 24 to 48 hour delay.


(7) Laboratory Services

On the technical side, we have a chemist in the laboratory, available at all times for questions relative to our products, and for performing product and environment analysis/testing. For certain applications, the laboratory is capable of developping personnalized products catering to the specific specialized needs of our clients.
Our products and formulations are developped internally, with the laboratory constantly conducting research to ameliorate its efficiency and performance, all the while driving the developement of our products towards more ecological/GREEN solutions. Each product has a Technical data sheet (TDS) explaining the dosages, a Material Safety Data sheet (MSDS) that explains the composition, a detailed label with directions for use and an analysis report from our laboratory.

We have the complete team, the logistic in place and the
experience behind us to serve you to your satisfaction.

Dec 9, 2011  -  CATALOGUE 2012
Dear Valued Customer,
GILCO is very proud to introduce the very first edition of our maintenance
and packaging products catalogue. Showcasing over 4000 items at your disposition, our new product catalogue will prove to be a very useful tool in the planning of your maintenance and packaging purchases. We hope this will serve as a helpful and informative guide for selecting the right products for the tasks/jobs at hand.
Although we only have the French version for now, we apologize for any inconvenience and assure you that an English version of the catalogue will be available to you shortly.
The electronic version is available for viewing on our website.
Do not hesitate to contact your representative or our customer service department for all orders, and all information or price requests.
Best Regards,
Michel Amar
GILCO Products Inc.